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Facility Recovery

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Facility Recovery

Facility Recovery

Relying on our experiences in the provision of similar services to numerous other organisations like banks, corporate organisations and financial institutions, we are in good stead to render to your organisation Facility Recovery Services (FRS). The proposed FRS will adopt the most pragmatic and practical means of attaining results in a way that the corporate objectives of the corporation will not be jeopardised. Therefore, the proposed FRS will adopt both the non-litigation and litigation options.

The measures to be adopted in our proposed FRS will include instituting Expeditious Debt Recovery Actions as guaranteed under the new High Court of Lagos State (Civil Procedure Rules) 2004 of which we are most current; Bankruptcy Proceedings which is hardly used but most effective; Enforcement of Security on which we have competent minds to advise your corporation as we have lawyers well-versed in Law of Secured Credit and our expertise in this regard will be available to unravel any intricate, complex and ingenious legal problems that may arise; and Enforcement of Judgment without which litigation is not a worthy venture. Therefore, before resorting to litigation, we shall undertake a detailed and forensic study on the availability of tangible and intangible assets of the debtor and the most expeditious means of ensuring that any eventual judgment obtained is made good.

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